We have been working on PPC Campaigns for over 15 years and managing Google AdWords accounts since the very first day the service launched.  Managing PPC campaigns is not an easy task and could get very expensive if you’re not sure exactly what you are doing.  Whether you need a brand new campaign set up from scratch or simply want us to take over your existing campaign, we can work with you and keep your costs down.

What is PPC? – Also known as Search Engine Marketing or SEM, PPC  is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages through the use of  paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion.  PPC is short for Pay per Click.  Translation = you are buying placement on Google or other Search Engines and paying for the keywords you want to show up for.

How do we do it? – Through extensive keyword research and analysis, Faughnan Media works with clients to determine that strategy that is right for you.  Whether your goal is to generate more visits to your site, sell a product or generate leads, we can manage your PPC Campaigns and save you time and money.

Services include:

1.  Landing Page Optimization – one of the key elements to a successful PPC campaign is having the right landing page.  If your landing page doesn’t have the right look, feel, or offer….it simply will not work.  Faughnan Media Group can advise your team on how to create the best landing page or we can do it for you.

2.  Campaign Setup or Optimization – We work with client’s to find out their goals and help them achieve the best possible results.  From setting up campaigns, deciding which keywords to buy, bidding on those words and tracking the results, Faughnan Media Group can help you spend your advertising dollars more wisely and improve your ROI.

3.  Analysis and Reporting – We will track progress, report on the results, and communicate them to you in simple / logical terms so we can make educated decisions together.

4.  Ongoing Management – Faughnan Media Group will work closely with you from the beginning, but our goal is do a great job for you and gain your trust so you don’t have to worry about managing PPC campaigns ever again.  You’ll be in good hands and you can focus on your business while we handle your PPC.